How to Make a Girl Like You? Stunning Tricks on How to Make Any Girl Like You Almost Instantly

There are plenty of ways to make a girl like you. A boy who has a low self esteem might find it difficult to like himself, so get out of that rut and tell yourself that you are a likable person and that your girl likes you. However, the tips below may help to enhance your qualities.

Be faithful. This is a quality that every girl looks for in her man. The fear of being cheated on or betrayed lurks beneath the surface. So, make sure you are that type of person who is faithful in every way.

Be chivalrous. Show your girl that chivalry is not dead! The boy who opens doors for her, or carries her bags, or even offers her a seat will never seem old fashioned to her and she will appreciate being treated like Dresden china!

Be loving. A loving and considerate guy will always be popular. Making sure that you take the time to see to her needs first will endear you to her.

Be romantic. Has there ever been a girl who is not turned on by romance? Giving your girl gifts, love tokens, flowers, will only help her love you more. No girl can resist being taken out for a romantic candlelight dinner. Better still, dedicate one of the romantic songs to her - it will make her feel special!

Be original. Don't do the stereotypical sort of things on your date. Instead be as original as you can. Bring in the element of surprise and take her out on a date that she won't forget in a hurry! Make sure you include activities that she likes.

Pay her compliments. No girl can resist a compliment. Comments on her beautiful smile, her figure, and her hair will delight her. But make sure that your comments don't always stick to her physical attributes. Compliment her on her talents too!

Trust her. You will definitely score if you trust your girl.

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