How Important Are Relationships? Is Your Relationship Real?

After much experience, thought, and research into the vast idea of some of the internets driving forces, I have discovered a few things and formulated a unique opinion on why this all is so important. Understanding that information seeking is primarily the main reason why people use the internet, I have recently gained insight that I would like to share that is sure to catch the spark of some of the internet's most recent trends.

Relationships are everywhere, whether they are family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or even a secret crush. In a youth dominated internet era, the relationship building websites such as Facebook, MySpace and Me continue to prosper. With a few simple clicks instant access becomes available into millions of web surfers personal lives. Fortunately for us, due to the vast reach of the information age's finest tool, our global internet, the number of people we can meet and get to know becomes endless.

We meet, we greet, and we choose who we know. Relationships come, Relationships go. Some real, some not so real. With those real relationships having the ability to touch and potentially affect our lives in ways we could never imagine. Relationships make up who we are, who we know, and eventually who we become. Relationships are our most valuable possession. Whether we admit it or not, we all acknowledge that we would seek and appreciate the true answer to the question "How real are your relationships?"

I have learned that not always is it possible to answer this above mentioned question so easily. Often it is hard to put our exact thoughts into words. This is why I believe relationship testing is so useful. It allows us to answer basic questions that we do not know the answers for. Professional relationship testing on the internet is few and far between. Other relationship testing sites that provide relationship advice in the form of testing usually charge users for insightful, useful, and applicable relationship advice. This site always make an effort to provide completely free relationship tests.

All of the relationship tests come with a three part response. The first part is a graphical layout of where you stand (based on your test score) versus other test takers in comparison to the optimal score for tests. The second part of the relationship test advice gives general relationship advice in paragraph form about the designated test topic. While the third section of relationship advice given is also in paragraph form and is specifically addressing you based on your score for the chosen test.

Even more importantly, not only does relationship testing provide a great way to learn about ourselves, but imagine if it was possible to learn the same things about someone else. Through the website you are able to send tests to your friends and see their results after they take a test. This feature is what separates this site from any other on the internet. I am in a relationship currently, and I was able to send my girlfriend some tests to see where she stood on a few issues. Some of the tests I sent her were: Are you satisfied with your relationship? Marriage Material? Is the relationship too physical? and my personal favorite Big Flirt? And because all of the test responses were so in-depth, I learned a lot about her. The send test feature was very useful and informative for me.

In closing I must say if anyone were ever given an opportunity learn about your boyfriend, learn about your girlfriend, strengthen your friendship, learn about love, learn about dating, or simply just have some fun, you should definitely visit this site. All of the advice you receive is professionally backed by an assembled team of relationship experts. The relationship expert team consists of doctors, counselors, psychologists, and/or love coaches. All of which are dedicated to bettering relationships of many kinds, whether family, friends, dating or marriage.

I hope the best for you in your endeavors. Never forget to seek help in resources greater than yourself, for this is when the real personal growth begins.

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