What is True Love?

I recently asked a small child to define love for me and this is what she came up with. She said love is when you see someone sad you try to make them smile and that when you see them cry you reach out and make them stop crying. She went ahead to say a person who loves you will send you presents. According to this little girl, anyone who sends presents to you loves you very much. That to her is what love is. She is not wrong. It is quite easy to tell if someone loves you or not. You can find out in a minute if someone loves you or simply dislikes you that is ofcourse if the person is not trying to put on a show of love yet they do not love you. You can also be able to find out if its true love that you and your partner share or it is just something that closely resembles love.

You should know its true love when you see your partner supporting you in everything you do. The support however should never be one sided. If it is one sided you should know for sure that, that is not true love the two of you are feeling for each other. For every relationship, there should always be a two side to everything. Like some people say, love and friendship is a two way traffic, if it goes on as a one way traffic it is more likely to fail than to succeed. So if you notice that the tow of you support each other in everything that you do, then what the two of you have is true love.

Its true love if you both wait for the right time to do some things. Look at the relationship you are having, are you being forced to do things that you do not really want to do or does he or she respect your decision about things and are they ready to wait forever if they could for you to decide you are ready to take the relationship into another level? If the answer is no, you should know what your partner feels for you is not true love but rather something that resembles love. If someone loves you and for that matter loves you truly, they will never force you to do anything. If you tell them you do not feel like doing something t\hey will not force you, neither will they black mail you into doing it by telling you that if you loved them so much like claim to do, you would do something for them.

What is attracting you to the person, is it the money, or the looks. If neither of this features as number one on your list, then you should know that you love the person truly. Its true love if you are willing to look beyond the person's looks or financial background. If the person you love also does not look at the looks and money matters then you should be sure that what the person feels for you is true love.

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