What the the Path of True Love is

Everyone would like to walk down the path of true love. No one has actually ever promised that it will be smooth all the way but still there are a lot of people who would give anything to experience true love and to be loved. The main reason for this is that when someone falls in love and they love each other truly, the world around them seems to be okay. Even when they are in trouble everything will seem right. There is a certain glow that is associated with love that you can literally see in a person who is in love. There is a satisfaction in knowing that a person loves you and no matter what you did they will still love you.

The path of true love is not jealous, neither is it judge mental. Someone who loves you will see you talking to a person and will not be jealous. If you love each other the person knows for sure that you will not cheat on him or her so they have no reason to be jealous. True love is also about being patient, it is patient with everything that the person does. People who do not love truly are never patient. If there partner does something wrong, they get irritated and would tell their partners so without butting an eye lid. For someone who loves you truly, they will tell you when you are wrong in a very nice way. They will take care not to hurt your feelings. They care.

However, the path of true love is not all rosy. In fact there are people who would rather walk another path than walk the path of true love. This is because no one would like to worry about what they will eat or drink. No also likes to worry about having to be kicked out of their house just because they could not afford to pay their rent. Just because you love someone, it does not mean that you have to live in utter poverty. that is why some people would rather date someone who is rich and willing to provide for them than be with someone they truly love and they truly love them in return but they cannot simply meet their needs. To them, love is not in their equation and they would rather live with someone they barely love but at least have some liking for them.

There are people who not walk the path of true love with someone they love because the person is sick and they are more likely to die than to get better. It is sad but this really happens. People don't want to worry about waking up one day to not find the love of their lives. The people who are sick might also not want to subject the people they love in this kind of anxiety and so they might push the people they love, no matter how hard you try to get close to them they will keep pushing you away.

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