Real True Love is Just Perfect

When you say you love some truly what do you mean. Do you see the person and all you feel is some sort of excitement that goes on in your body. Is love according you a feeling that one feels when they see another person? You could be right for after all, you cannot say you love someone and you feel nothing for them. There has to be some sort of attraction between the two of you. However, a real true love is more than a feeling. Real true love is about sacrificing your self for a person. When you realize that you can sacrifice anything for your mate then you can say that you have real true love. If you cannot afford to sacrifice your time and everything that you can, then you do not love.

Real true love is patient. It will wait for the mate to be ready to take the relationship to another level. Never will true love force one to have sex with them to prove a point. No one has to sleep with anyone before the other person knows that they love them. True love is never about sex anyway. It is about companionship, love, care and understanding.  A deeper understanding of each other that only people who love each other and share things about each other really understands. So if you are not patient don't say you love someone. You don't. However do not worry, there is an amount of impatience that is acceptable.

Real true love is about being there for each other. If one of you is feeling down on himself or herself, the other person will be there to try to make them feel better about a situation. When the person is broke, do you avoid the person like he was some kind of a leaper? If you do so then you cannot say you have real true love. Real true love is about keeping it real and understanding that things can go wrong at one time, so wrong that both of you wouldn't not know what to do but true love should be able to put a smile on your faces every time you think about the love for each other.

Real true love makes the world go round. It might never be able to provide food, shelter and drinks but it will provide you with peace. Peace that you might not be able to experience if you were not truly in love. If anyone should fail, true love is not going to judge him or her but rather try to get him or her to rise above their failures and try harder. That is just what true love can do to you. So incase you are wondering whether you and your mate have true love, look at how you behave and whether the two of you are patient, kind, loving, understanding, respectful of each other, caring and above all you spend time together and do not judge each other.

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