Are You the Victim of an Addictive Relationship?

Nobody likes dealing with an addictive relationship, though lots of people get stuck in bad relationships, and no good can come of it. Dysfunctional relationships can be hard to define, and therefore it can be difficult to determine if you are in one. However, a bad relationship is something to be taken seriously. If you can identify the problem, you are one step closer to the solution.

An addictive relationship tends to isolate either or both partners from the outdide world. It is the exact same thing as a drug dependence something that keeps them away from the things that they love and the other things that they should be doing. An addictive relationship is truly a dysfunctional relationship because it is defined by an increasing craving to be with a person, and by withdrawal symptoms that go along with being away from them. It also has the some of the same signs as other addictions, such as low self-esteem, passivity, magical thinking, lack of initiative, and helplessness.

Here are 7 indicators of an addictive relationship. If you find that your relationship has these things or any number of them, chances are good that you are in a bad relationship, and should consider getting out of it.

1. If you feel that you are magnetically drawn to another person, even if the person is not good for you, it might be a dysfunctional relationship. This might include a person that is too far away, married, not interested, or emotionally unavailable. If these things are true about your partner, yet you feel like you are drawn to them, it could be an addictive relationship.

2. If you try to change the person that you are with in order to be a person that you'd like to be with, this is not a good relationship to be in. If you find yourself constantly thinking that the relationship would be perfect if the person could just change a little bit, it is a sign of a bad relationship.

3. If know that the relationships is bad for you, but you are not able to break it off, this is a sign of an addictive relationship. you may not feel deserving of a positive relationship, perhaps you are so worried about the others reaction to a break up you lose sight of your own needs. Either way, these are signs of a negative relationship.

4. If you notice the realtioships of other happy people seem boring compared to yours, it may be a sign you are hooked on the chaos of an addictive relationship. There is a big probability that you would spurn these people to stay in your current relationship.

5. If you don't feel that you can be independent within your relationship, even though you might be independent in other areas, it might be a sign of an addictive relationship.

6. If it is hard to say 'no' and stick to it and you find yourself always giving in to your partners needs, this is another sign.

7. If your relationship makes you feel self-doubt, it is a sign that your relationship is dysfunctional.

If you find that you are in an addictive relationship, the best thing to do is to get out of the relationship. However, seek help from family and friends, and even professionals, so that you can avoid going back to the person, and so that you can learn how to appreciate yourself long enough to find a successful and good relationship.

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