Relationship Rescue

Relationship Rescue

Those early days in a relationship are the uncomplicated ones when everything about your partner is seen through rose decorated glasses and any temperamental shortcomings are ignored in favor of those lovable features that make everything look so perfect. While doing so, we conveniently forget that it takes pains to make a long term relationship work and in the end we head towards one ultimate relationship disaster. And this is when you need to think about relationship rescue, which till date was one of the most alien concepts to you.

Relationships are intricate, and the guiding rules keep changing. It is really hard to keep up as people change, times change and situations change. When your relationship starts turning bad to worse, it doesn’t mean that you no longer love each other or it doesn’t mean that you can’t correct problems. But it does mean that you will have to reconsider some issues, and to hear to that advanced warning you got to drop the smugness, and to rescue the relationship before it’s too late.

If you consider that relationship rescue is difficult, you are wrong. Relationship rescue, in many cases isn’t too hard. Most of the relationships usually react well within a little time and effort, some understanding, a little give and take and reassurance. One can often you can trace the initial breakdown in a relationship back to lack of communication, so in looking at what you need to do to rescue a relationship communication is generally the first part of call. When you consider the consequences, the main causes why someone goes in search of guidance for their failing relationship, to rescue it and save it from final break up, most things can be traced back to prove that communication failure was the root cause.

Even unfaithfulness between partners, such as infidelity can be traced back to a communication gaps. People can spend a lot of time being unhappy in their relationship and pleading for things to get sorted out, whereas, from the other partner’s point of view everything appears alright. A general question arises as how it could happen? How can one partner so obviously see that something is wrong and the other carry on regardless, seemingly happy in the awareness that their relationship is without a flaw? At the end of the day relationships can be minefields, especially if you take your eye off the ball and most relationships struggle at some point, but the majority can be rescued if at least one of the partners recognizes there is a problem and takes action.

Relationships, especially the pong term ones, need to be esteemed, cherished and cared for. At the same time partners have to understand that relationships rarely survive without a effort to keep them alive. Relationships need intimacy, surprises, and that all too forgotten relationship time. Just because people live together it doesn’t mean to say the relationship no longer requires attention and that the partners no longer need to feel special.

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