Fifty Reasons Australian Singles Use Online Dating

75% of online singles claim they are looking for a life partner - a much higher percentage than the locals down the pub.

Australian online dating sites guard you from overseas online daters.

Contact is quick when online dating, with free sites offering instant messenger, video cam chat and groups, there is a chance for everyone to converse the
way they choose to.

dating profiles allow you to accurately determine if an online single would suit you.
Even if you don't meet a long lasting partner, you can make many friends with common interests.

We all know someone who met their partner online and that could be you.
Fear of rejection is lessened as everybody is aware of where they stand before they chat to initial members and can decide whether to pursue or not.

Online dating can enable you to chat secretly with several singles before taking the next step.
Online dating allows singles to get to know someone fairly well before committing to meeting them in person.
online dating can be very safe if you don't hand out private information in early chats - the other member has no way of tracing you.
online dating can assist you overcome feelings of shyness, paranoia and insecurity.
Online dating chat can be kept for later reference, meaning you wont forget what you were chatting about.
Online dating chat rooms offer an excellent source of dating advice for new timers or the not so experienced.
Online dating isn't dangerous - you don't have to go to meet an unknown stranger and you can always let your mother know where you are.
Online dating can be very private, no one need know that you have joined a dating site.
online dating means you can find groups of singles or set up your own groups for similar minded singles.
online dating profiles can inform you about a person more so than initial conversations usually can, therefore you are more likely to choose someone with suitable dating credentials.
Potential partners have a better chance to get to know one an other as they are not restricted by closing times, the picture theatre finishing or the date ending.
The best free sites allow singles to chat endlessly without charge.
The amount of online singles available is huge.
The online dating friends you find may be sober!
The friends you meet are single (hopefully!) and you wont have to second guess it.
Statistics show the chances of your online dating relationship will out last "conventional" dating methods.
There are usually new online dating members waiting to chat.
There isn't any social stigma attached to online nowadays.
Web cam chat permits you to see the other member and so you can tell if the attraction is there.
You are not limited by distance.
You cant get sunburnt when online dating.
You can "date" many singles in the early days then find the one you like the best.
You can easily get out of online friendships that are not working.
You can flirt away until your hearts content, safe that nobody will take you too seriously - unless you would like them to.
You can find people wanting the same amount of commitment - marriage, serious romance, casual sex, friendship, chat and dates.
You can find people with marginal interests that match yours - You may not be the only one who collects lunch boxes?  Online you will discover someone else who shares your interest.
You can meet someone fast - often on the first sign on.
You can sometimes see the singles you would like to chat with before initiating a conversation.

You can online date and don't have to feel guilty at leaving your dog home by themself.
you can go online dating at any time of the day or night.
You can online date when the kids are asleep and get to know others without introducing lots of new "dads" or "mums"
You do not need to ask for someone's mobile number to online date them, the method of contact is established.
You do not need any money when online dating using free dating sites.
You do not need such great social skills when online dating.  You can get to know people over time and get over any initial awkwardness.
You do not need to get new clothes and dress up to meet online singles.
You don't get surrounded in smoke when you are internet dating (or alternatively you can smoke yourself to death whilst online dating)
You don't have to wait for the weekend to meet your dream partner - you could chat to them before work, during work (don't get caught!) or after work.
You wont get burgled while you are online dating.

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