The Danger, Safety Tips, and Ideas for Great Teen Online Dating

If you're a teen between the age of 13 to 19, teen online dating sites can provide a lot of services. While some of these services can be the best thing to hit the teen online dating arena, keep in mind it can also be the worst online situation.

This also brings to mind all of the dangers involved with teen online dating. Keep in mind that even though dangers are involved with teen online dating there are also very good things that come out of teen online dating.

What Are Some of the Dangers of Teen Online Dating?

Many times violence is after a break up in a relationship that was not previously violent. It is estimated that more 10 percent of teens nationwide are in a  dating violence situation. Because of a teen’s age and inexperience it may be harder than adults to recognize the warning signs of abuse.Teens often also misinterpret warning signs of dating violence which includes jealousy, possessiveness, and sexual pressure as signs of love rather than warnings signs of abuse.

Messages can be confusing for teens especially. It is common for teenage victims of dating violence and abuse to keep the problem from their parents. They fear if they tell the parents, the parents will demand a separation. Most teenage victims of dating abuse do not want this to happen.

This has helped teens to see the warning signs of  dating violence and abuse. It is not always the girls who are being abused in teen dating relationships. Females are more likely to be the victims of teen dating violence, but they also can be the perpetrators.

Safety Tips for Teen Online Dating

Teen dating whether online or off is very popular these days not limiting to adults only, but younger generation and teenagers are also involved into it. Teen dating is considered as important part in the life. Teen dating is a time of social experimentation for teenagers. 

Teen online dating can be fun if you are aware of its pros and cons and are also aware of the ways to prevent that. Teen online dating should be a memorable experience not a horrifying one.

Teen online dating is very famous these days because of its convenience and advantages. The first and foremost advantage from teen online dating is that you can contact matches without revealing your real identity avoiding the embarrassment if doesn't work out. Teen online dating is a time to learn about person's qualities and attributes through the conversation.

Ideas for Great Teen Dates

A few ideas for great teen dates that are low pressure, encourage interaction, and have the potential for a great time:

El Cheapo
Give your date a limited amount of money to spend on your outfit.

Wild West
Send out a “warrant” for your date’s arrest, listing the time and date they will be “arrested.” Before picking up your date, dress in western clothing, remembering to bring some for your date (you may want to include a fake gun). You could also blindfold your date. Afterwards, try bowling handcuffed.

Wet n’ Wild
If you are anywhere near a body of water, renting canoes can be a lot of fun.

Service with a Smile
For the teen who is on a tight budget, volunteering at local homeless shelters, libraries, boys and girls club, nursing homes, the YMCA, handicap service providers, food banks, or a soup kitchen can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.
5 Questions To Ask An Online Date  

Online dating services are on the rise, especially special feature websites, like teen online dating, gay online dating, and senior online dating. Cyber stalking is up 55% in the last two years, and meeting someone on the outside after meeting them online in a chat room or through an online dating service can be risky business.

- Some questions for online dating tips.

* What is the biggest mistake people make when first dating?
* Define a truly successful relationship.
* What happened with your last relationship? (Again, listen for blaming. If they're willing to share equally, great, if they take all of the blame they probably have low self esteem and are needy.
* What do you really think about online dating services?

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