Good Looking Singles More Cautious When it Comes to Intimicy - Online Dating Advice

Alot of singles find it difficult to chat to a good looking man or woman. Some people become tongue tied, blush and get embarrassed and then come across feeling unattractive. Recent studies indicate, alot of attractive people have lower self esteem than their less attractive counterparts.  In fact, they are often more self conscious for reasons being that people are giving them more attention because of the way they look and not because they deserve it. As there is uncertainty of their own real worth together with the feeling that everyone who meets them does so with an ulterior motive, could make them insecure yet afraid to admit it.  How often have you seen an attractive female with a good career and heard said "I wonder what she must have done to get that job". Good looking people grow up with this attitude directed at them all of their lives and can eventually resent it.  They can often face the polar opposite where people will reward them and thank them regardless of whether they feel they have earned it.

Studies have shown that the more good looking a woman is, the less sexual experience she will have had.  The more good looking a man is, the more sexual experience he will have had. Males tend to feel that these experiences, on the whole, had no real meaning and will sometimes feel unfulfilled emotionally.  Females who are attractive can often date regularly although are more cautious in becoming physically involved.

So if you meet Mr or Ms Attractive and actually want to make them your partner one way is to avoid offering lots of compliments.  If you over do it in the complimenting department they may start to think that you are going to try to take advantage in certain ways and do not like them as a person.  Given that they will have spent years listening to people telling them how smart, how nice looking, how accomplished they are then this will make a welcome change.  Self confidence is in itself a very attractive trait. Being confident does not mean that you need to be over the top and full of yourself.  Its not hard to mistake appearing confident as coming across as conceited or boastful. Very attractive confidence is quiet, and self assured . The style of confidence which shouldn't need to be announced or talked about, but just is.

Another important thing, without doubt,  is to be content within yourself.  Online dating, helps meeting singles some what less stressful. Its possible to get to know other singles for who they really are and you don't have to feel awkward or to overly focus on physical attraction. Confidence is still a major draw card, and easier to practise online.

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