Relationship Rescue Secrets Offering a Road Map to Passion and Romance

I was born into a family where I didn't experience much love. I learned to get love and attention from a burned out mom of ten by creating drama and pain. Here are the most effective tools that I have found to create passion, love, and romance.

* Keep an Emotions journal for one month. Become aware of what you experience on a daily basis. Write down what you are feeling first thing in the morning and last thing at night. When you catch yourself reacting to a person, event or situation - recall the triggers and what you felt.

* Notice the emotions that you are most comfortable and uncomfortable with. Learn to feel your emotions and embrace them with fun. Look in the mirror and smile, the instant you do that, there is a change.

* Take a breathing or Yoga class and learn to use your breath to release your emotions. The extra oxygen in your system will re-energize your mind and spirit.

* Enroll in a dance or movement class and learn to tap into and move your emotions. Choose music that you love and respond to. Find a comfortable space and schedule time to move to the music. Get inspired! Watch how Ellen DeGeneres transforms herself and audience when the music starts and the dancing begins. Feel the emotion as you watch each couple compete on Dancing with the Stars.

* Give yourself a reward at the end of the month. Acknowledge your successes and look at your steps backward as an opportunity for new growth.

*Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) empowers you to heal your emotions. Created by Gary Craig, it has been used for everything from acute disease to depression and chronic illness. The philosophy is that all dis-ease, be it physical or emotional, is created by a disruption in the flow of energy through your body.

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