Why are Relationship Help Councilors are on the Rise

It is the sad state of things today. Many hopes have been dashed in marriage relationships. Singles believe that, happiness is only achieved in a relationship. All single people look forward to hooking up with a partner and eventually settle down. The traffic of people moving into relationships and the one moving out of relationships is equally heavy. Courtesy to unhappy relationships. Divorce rates today have hit an all time high. The UK and the United States Of America lead the pack. Relationships have become more strained and more complex with the changing values in the society. Marriage counseling and other forms of relationship help exist but the situation grows from bad to worse. What is not happening? What is the answer to this great puzzle? What can be done to tilt the scales?

With divorce cases having become the norm, it is the high time the situation was arrested before it escalates. The relevance of marriage has faded into oblivion resulting into unhappy relationships. Trying to teach the current generation about the values of marriage is difficult. Drumming them about understanding, patience, forgiveness, respect and humility sounds like a concept from the middle ages. Sometimes you would assume people do not know what they want with their lives. The situation inside many marriage relationships is not good. However the very same people who are in these dysfunctional relationships are not receptive to relationship help. However, there would be a ray of hope if only people could change their attitudes towards relationships. To be in touch with reality and stop worshipping what is manufactured in Hollywood.

Marriage relationships are treated with a casualness that it does not deserve. You would imagine that people were in a relationship by default. The relationship is handled like it was circumstantial instead of a lifelong emotional, psychological and physical investment. A relationship is built on love, dedication and care. A lot of tender loving care is shared by both partners as they continue to adore and cherish each other. They are the rules of the game. If not well implemented, they lead to unhappy relationships. Couples should apply resilience and give their unhappy relationships a shot in the arm . They should seek relationship help. The relationship has a future and it only requires a new lease of life. Couples should take time alone and reflect on their lives. Their is more to life than meets the eye. Their is happiness though it lies in their hands.

Unhappy relationships end up this way due to lack of focus in life. Sometimes the factors contributing to the unhappiness are very minor. Only that none of the partners is willing to sacrifice their egos for the sake of the relationship. Others cow when a challenge in the relationship emerges. People should not take flight at the first sign of trouble. Many successful marriage relationships have undergone a baptism of fire. They overcame many hurdles and challenges and each time they emerged stronger. Solicit for relationship help from the old veterans. They have been there, done it and got a T-shirt.

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