Is Your Relationship in the Tank? Call Relationship 911!

Rank your current levels of success in each area of your life and your relationship. (If the sentence is true give yourself 1 point) How close are you to having the Relationship of your Dreams?


O I love my life and I am very happy

O I can't wait to get out of bed every morning

O I spend my time away from work doing the things I enjoy the most

O Everyday I spend time on me

O I love my days off and weekends - they are fun packed

O I appreciate the little things in life

O I am living the way I want to live at the moment

O I don't get stressed out easily and can chill

O I find joy in helping others

O I am fun to be with

Happiness score out of 10 -


O My Relationship is Fantastic

O I feel very connected to my partner

O I never argue or fight with my partner

O I have a perfect intimate relationship with my partner

O I regularly partake in romantic interludes with my partner

O My partner is extremely attracted to me

O My partner would do anything in the world for me

O My partner understands me

O I feel like I can talk to my partner about anything

O I feel like my partner is my best friend

Relationship score out of 10 -


O I am a confident woman

O I don't doubt my ability to accomplish my dreams

O I know my strengths and weaknesses

O I don't have difficulty in saying "No"

O I don't often think that I am not as good as others

O I don't worry what others may think of me

O I don't expect myself to be perfect all the time

O It's not important for me to want to be liked and approved of

O I don't have trouble articulating my needs

O I love myself 100%

Confidence score out of 10 -

Looking after yourself

O I exercise at least 3 times a week

O I lead a healthy lifestyle in terms of the food I eat and I do not abuse my body with excess alcohol

O I am completely happy with my appearance and love the way I look

O I avoid self destructive behaviors

O I manage my stress levels by relaxing each and every day

O I have at least 3 holidays/breaks per year

O There are no outstanding issues or problems that have not been resolved

O I always make time for myself

O I regularly treat myself each week to something I enjoy - clothes, cd's, massage, nails, hair, skin etc

O I regularly assess how I am looking after myself

Looking after yourself score out of 10 -

Your overall scores:




Looking after you

Put your overall scores in the categories above and highlight the areas of your relationship and life that need the most work.

Jot down below the top 5 things that you are going to start on immediately. What jumped out at you from completing the evaluator?

How will you change them?






So, what was your score?

Use the chart below to see what area your Relationship is in!

Relationship Points

35-40 Magical

30-35 Above average

25-30 Average

00-25 Relationship 911

Magical Relationship

Bravo! Your have the relationship of your dreams! Everyone should aspire to reach your level of excellence!

Above average Relationship

Huge potential to move to a magical relationship, but you need a positive direction and bit of action to push you to the top!

Average Relationship

Existing in a good relationship, but are underachieving. A new strategy and some positive coaching will move you upward!

Relationship 911

You are in the mists of a relationship crisis, or could be headed for one soon! Your relationship may require an immediate, relationship saving, action plan!

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